Dress Code

We want all pupils to take pride in their appearance and to feel comfortable.  


Primary aged pupils (Reception – Y6) 

  • WHITE polo shirt (with Keystone Academy logo) 
  • TURQUOISE sweatshirt  (with Keystone Academy logo) 
  • BLACK trousers / shorts / skirt / pinafore  
  • BLACK shoes or trainers 


Secondary aged pupils (Y7-Y11) 

  • WHITE polo shirt (with Keystone Academy logo) 
  • NAVY sweatshirt / fleece (with Keystone Academy logo) 
  • BLACK trousers / skirt 
  • BLACK shoes or trainers 


Other considerations 

  • Headwear is not to be worn inside the school building unless for religious or medical reasons.  
  • Sensible jewellery can be worn. If we are concerned that any jewellery may pose a risk to Health & Safety (especially during physical activity) we will ask you to remove it.   
  • Make-up should be light and natural.  



Pupils are permitted to wear sportswear of their choice, that includes the school colours (black bottoms, white T-Shirt, any colour sweatshirt).  They must be respectful of the dress code.  Chosen sportswear: 

  • Must be suitable for the physical activity 
  • Must have no offensive motifs  
  • Must not be ripped 
  • Must not include ‘hot pants’ 
  • Can include leggings (that are not see-through)  
  • Can include hoodies 


Suggested items could include: 

  • Shorts   
  • T-Shirt  
  • Tracksuit / joggers / leggings 
  • Trainers