At The Keystone Academy, we adopt a ‘whole school approach’ to special educational needs. We work together with all stakeholders, including parents /carers and specialist agencies to ensure the genuine inclusion of all pupils. The school is committed to ensuring that pupils with special educational needs can fulfil their potential and achieve optimal educational outcomes.

The whole team at the academy is committed to providing a welcoming, attractive and stimulating environment to support the needs and develop the learning of the children and families in the community. Every child and family in our community is valued and diversity is celebrated.

We take our duty to provide equal opportunities for every person in our care very seriously.  Together, we provide a safe and fully equipped learning environment which caters to the needs of every child as an individual and we are committed to inclusion within the school curriculum, encouraging participation in all aspects of school life.

Our school is staffed by a team of qualified teachers and support staff.   Together, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum within an exciting, creative and effective learning environment, recognising and responding to individual learning needs.  We aim to help each child experience success and to reach their full potential by providing the highest standard of education and care.  Our environment is safe and stimulating, allowing everyone to achieve, develop, learn and grow.

For further information, you can read our SEN Information Report for parents and carers

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