School Trips and Enrichment

At The Keystone Academy, we value the importance of enriching the curriculum through a variety of experiences and opportunities.


Every class will have opportunities to attend a variety of school visits, relating to different projects and subjects taught in school. This may include trips to local sites of interest (such as museums or the theatre) or experiences to reinforce ‘real-life learning’ such as shopping and budgeting for key projects, etc.

We place high value on outdoor learning, with all teachers utilising the outdoors to enhance their curriculum wherever possible. All pupils will be taught lessons in ‘Outdoor Studies’ or ‘Forest Schools’ and will often participate in excursions as a result, including a variety of outdoor and adventurous activities.


After School Clubs

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays a variety of clubs and activities will be available for all pupils to choose and participate in. The activities available will change on a regular basis and will be led by the interests of our young people.

Activities will run immediately after school and there will be no charge for attending.

Please note that if your child uses school transport, this does not cover after school clubs and parent / carers will need to make alternative arrangements to collect them.