What skills can I gain?

Studying Art and Design opens doors into a range of exciting careers! Here’s what you’ll gain:

  1. Practical Skills: Learn 3D Sculpting, textiles, as well as drawing and painting techniques.
  2. Creative Problem-Solving: Build the knowledge and skills that help you think “outside the box”.
  3. Observation: Learn how to view and interpret the world around you in a creative way.

So what comes next?

  1. A-Levels: Develop your skills further and specialise in areas like Fine Art, Fashion Design, Architecture, and Animation. (Age 16-18)
  2. BTEC Diplomas: Build a wider ranger of skills through hands on projects if you’re not ready to settle for just one.
  3. Apprenticeships: Earn while you learn, gaining valuable industry experience alongside qualified professionals. (Age 16+)

These pathways can lead to careers such as Graphics Design, Illustration, Video game development, Painting & Sculpting, Animator, Photographer, Film Maker, and Fashion Design.

What is interesting about Art?

A gym for the mind, a playground for the soul: Learning art helps us become stronger, work together with others, and think deeply about things. Art Turns mumbles into Masterful Monologues : Making art makes us better at talking about our ideas and finding solutions to problems. Could Art be your superpower?: When we make art, we learn to be more imaginative and pay attention to details, which makes life more interesting. Does Art hold the key?: By making art, we learn more about who we are and how things work, making us smarter and more curious about the world.

What Qualifications can I get?

Art & Design GCSE 

Art and Design – Entry Level 

Mrs Clare Foster